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Take a look at our Air BNB packages.
Kim  Steel

Package 1 Airbnb/Holiday House start ups.

Ditch your Property Manager and look after it yourself. We will ensure you have the right set up and will assist in getting your property marketed on all the important platforms like Airbnb, Homeaway and

We will support you while you find your feet and supply an on going yearly or monthly subscription. Over the ten years of doing this there’s not much we haven’t been through, we will be here to help you navigate any bumps in the road. We’ve got your back, you can do this!

Package 2Find A Holiday House

Assistance in finding a Holiday House that has a great chance of being successful. We will help you set it up to attract a wide range of potential guests. Obviously we can’t guarantee it but with our experience and know how, you will have the odds on your side. We have done the research over many years, we know what works.

Package 3 Property Management

Package three includes all of the above plus we will manage the property for you.
Property Mums will manage the property and a Property mum will be allocated to your property for cleaning and set ups.

We will oversee all the management needs and run it like a little business, making changes to pricing as needed to ensure your property is returning all that it can.

Work With Us

When it comes to self managed properties, having experienced support at your side is a key element to your success. Our newsletter will keep you up to date and guide you through managing your property.

    Our approach
    to Property Management

    We will help you get the configuration right so your property appeals to a wide range of guests. Our commission rate is only 15%, which is lower than majority of property management. Your property will have a “Property Mum” allocated to it, they are trained to present them to perfection every time. My team love what they do and you will be supporting a Mum back into the work force and helping her get her Mojo back.

    Kim Steel

    You know when you find that thing in life that you are good at, so then you focus a big part of your life doing it, obsessing over it and then working out a way of making it the main thing you do, well Real Estate is that for me and now primarily Holiday Houses.+ Read More..

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